Devotional – Friday, October 16, 2020

Imagine that you ask God in to help you fix up your house. At first, everything fits your plans. All the maintenance that you have been putting off for lack of funds will be taken care of. The eaves are painted and any needed carpentry is done.

The little flower bed is weeded and spruced up with new flowers. The shed in back is repaired — practically rebuilt. Any holes in the siding are patched. Everything is beautiful and just as it should be.

But, wait! Much to your surprise and (perhaps) dismay, the crew continues to work.

Walls are taken out to make larger spaces; two side wings are added on. Walls are expanded to make the bathroom huge, and the walk-in closet much larger to walk into. The patio in the back is closed in to become a dining room. They begin to add a second story.

None of this is your idea; the building has clearly gotten out of hand. It is not the nice suburban house you have been living in; it is becoming something you never dreamed of. It is no longer your house — it is a mansion wherein God will dwell!

Inviting God to be in relationship with you is more than just fixing up what your life lacks. It is not correcting the mistakes you have made along the way. It is not bringing light upon the dark corners you have ignored for years. It is a complete rebuilding, a major cleaning, making it a home for for God. Your body is a sanctuary for the Holy Spirit. You are becoming a House of God.

When you love someone with all your heart, you may find that neither the loved one’s house or your house have sufficient room for you both, and certainly not for housing a new family. You may decide to look for one better suited for your needs, or even to build one that both of you will share. When you love God (with all your heart), you may find that your space needs to be greatly expanded to contain the Creator of 200 galaxies.

Let the construction go on, and relax in the love of the Builder. You are in good hands!

O Love That Will Not Let Me Go,

I am in Your hands and going along for the ride wherever Your Way takes Me. Help me to stay out of the way so Your work in me may be fulfilled. May I keep my mind on following You and Your plan for my life. May I serve You always.


Offered by Rev. Dr. Frank Johnson

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