From our 2021 Board Chair, Pam Jones:

Hello All —

Between now and FCC's Consecration Sunday, consider how you might increasingly imitate Jesus Christ, and walk, move, do, love, and give with greater intent. Many ministry leaders at First Christian Church have already prayerfully committed to the church in 2022, to tithe or give proportionally. Please follow their lead as you discern how God is calling you to walk more broadly into the generous path God gives others through us. Join us in this commitment.

Your commitment to our Consecration Day campaign is an essential gift that fuels FCC's ministries in Baton Rouge and beyond.

Love and Peace,

Giving Worksheet

Use the chart below in your own private reflection on your stewardship journey.

Download the full chart and worksheet HERE.

Growth in Giving Chart

Estimate of Giving Form

Download the paper Estimate of Giving Form HERE, or submit your 2022 Estimate of Giving quickly and privately using the electronic form, below:

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