From our 2020 Board Chair, Pam Jones:

Hello All —

I’m sure that it will come as no great surprise to any of you that like just about everything else this year, our annual stewardship drive has been impacted by the pandemic.

You will see a lot more online content in this campaign as we will not be having weekly handouts at services. Our daily devotionals will shift focus to stewardship for the duration of the campaign and I hope the daily messages will give you food for thought during this time.

One of the single biggest changes to Consecration Day this year will be the absence of our annual banquet as we continue to take steps to reduce exposure. However, this gives us the perfect opportunity to focus not on what is lacking but rather on what is present.

The theme of this year’s campaign is Confidence, Contentment, and Communication. As we all cope with the ongoing effects of quarantine rules and restrictions, as well as the recent devastation from Hurricane Laura to our state, and the unrest in the nation from a myriad of political issues, on top of whatever we are each dealing with personally…I hope and pray that you will find the underlying message in our Consecration Campaign to be timely.

Love and Peace,

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