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An Invitation

Greetings Fellow Disciples,

This Sunday, Easter morning at 9:00 AM, our study of the Bible will begin a new series that will focus on Jesus’ 46 Parables in Chronological Order. Our study guide acknowledges that the parables of Jesus embody much of his fundamental teaching. They are quite simple, memorable stories, often with humble imagery, each with a simple message. The stories were simple and memorable enough to survive in an oral tradition before being written down years after Jesus’ death.

We will begin with the first two of Jesus’ parables: New Cloth and New Wine.
These are among the few that are in the synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark, and Luke). Jesus told them around the time as the sermon on the mount and the calling of his first apostles.

The Apostle Paul, regarding the teachings of Jesus, exhorts Disciple Timothy to, Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman not to be ashamed but rightly dividing the Word of Truth. That is our goal each week in what we call, The Study; forty-five minutes of fellowship, coffee, cookies, and dividing rightly the Word of God.

Come join us in the Fellowship Hall. You will be blessed and glad that you did!

Happy Easter to All. HE IS RISEN!


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