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Announcement - Service ONLINE ONLY this Sunday

As of 1 p.m. Thursday, September 2, the First Christian Church campus remains without electricity or Internet service, and the logistics necessary to hold Sunday services can not be completed. (Also, travel on Old Hammond is still blocked, at this point.)

Please plan to visit our Facebook page, here, at 10:00 a.m. this Sunday, September 5, and join an appropriate and meaningful prayer service led by Carol Madere. All things being connected outside the immediate Baton Rouge area, the service should also be broadcast to our web page, here.

Thank you to those who have checked in, and checked in on others. We have not heard of any injuries or emergencies within the congregation from Hurrican Ida; largely power lines down, trees fallen, and minor property damages. Please contact us - email or leave a voicemail at 225-926-4175 - if you, or you've learned of someone in our reach, is in as a situation where we might be of assistance.

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