This Sunday, February 14, at First Christian Church

The Rev. Dr. Julius R. Tipton is our Guest Preacher

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Worship in-person or online at 10:00 a.m.

Sunday worship is at 10:00 a.m. in the church sanctuary - and livestreamed to our website, Facebook, and YouTube channel. We hope to "see" you there! Check in, and follow the service bulletin, here. Submit your prayer requests on the check-in form.

We are delighted that several in our congregation are eligible for and have received their first or second vaccine doses, but, this does not necessarily prevent transmission until a substantial portion of the community is immune or immunized . Please continue to follow social distancing and masking guidelines throughout your day, and particularly in the church campus rooms for Sunday worship or classes. We're all growing weary of this, yet need to respect and support each other in keeping safe!

Whether with us in person, or online, know that you are welcome at First Christian Church, and your presence with us is cherished.

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Sunday Class for Adults

Dak McInnis continues facilitating the Adult Sunday class with Called - Hearing and Responding to God's Voice, a video study series based on the book by Susan Robb.

This Sunday's class will immediately follow our service broadcast on our Facebook and YouTube channels. Stay tuned after the service for class!

Our change of mailing list software offers more opportunities to fine-tune our mailings, so you can receive the notices you're interested in, and not get your inbox filled with things you don't want - it's not all or nothing, anymore!

Please take a moment to review your subscription by clicking the button, below, and tick those lists you're interested in. Here's a description of what we're currently offering:
  • Newsletter lists - Our bi-weekly First Christian Caller; and alternate week brief called the FCC EXTRA; and, our Sunday Events reminder - usually two emails per week
  • Devotionals lists - our seasonal devotionals, sent early of a morning to help you start the day - three to seven emails per week during the series
  • Weekday Events - notifications and reminders of events at First Christian Church, including connection (Zoom, etc.) links, that may not be in the Sunday Events reminder - one or two emails per week
  • Pastoral & General Announcements - geared toward the immediate and local church family, we send time-sensitive announcements to this list, such as a death in the church family, emergency weather closures, etc. - sent only as needed
Be sure to save your changes and respond to any confirmation email regarding changes made to your subscription. If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at the church office (closed Tuesday for Mardi Gras).

Our Lenten devotional series will begin Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021, being sent to the Devotionals list, as well as our social media accounts.

In the meantime, we're wishing you all the best for a safe - and warm - Valentine's Day, President's Day, and Mardi Gras!
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