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Regarding the relief offering for poor Christians that is being collected, you get the same instructions I gave the churches in Galatia. Every Sunday each of you make an offering and put it in safekeeping. Be as generous as you can. When I get there you'll have it ready, and I won't have to make a special appeal. (1 Corinthians 16:1-3, MSG)

You might know it as The Week of Compassion or One Great Hour of Sharing. It may simply be called "Hurricane Relief," Earthquake Assistance," or "Flood Fund." An offering received with the intent of helping people facing unimaginable challenges in the wake of a natural or human-created disaster. The need is obvious. The ask is clear. The response is to give.

The first such offering was received by Paul from the Mediterranean churches for the saints in Jerusalem. Folks who had nothing in common with one another, save one thing: Jesus. That was enough. Language, culture, custom, it didn't matter. A brother or sister in Christ was in need and that was reason enough to give.

How were folks to give? Generously. Paul defines generosity by pointing to the life of Jesus "who had the Realm of heaven but came to earth and yielded his life for us" (Philippians 2:8, author's translation). They were to give with joy! There was no pressure; the gift was voluntary. They were to give with faith! They could give, knowing that if they had a future need, God would provide for them the same way they were providing for those in Jerusalem. They were to give with discipline. The offering was not a last-minute action for which one was unprepared. On the contrary, it was an intentional action and one for which they were accountable.

For Focus and Reflection: Am I as prepared to give as I am to do other meaningful things?

Prayer: When the moment of offering arrives, let me truly be prepared to give. Amen.

Community of Prayer Stewardship Devotional
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