Stewards of the gift of peace

Stewardship 2020

BibleIcon The Lord sits enthroned over the flood; the Lord sits enthroned as king forever. May the Lord give strength to his people! May the Lord bless his people with peace! — Psalm 29:10-11

Peace! That is surely something that is in short supply these days. Watch the news? You see that peace doesn’t exist in faraway lands. But then again, it doesn’t exist in our community either. Violence is all around us. Bodies, lives, homes, and spirits are broken all around us. Families feel the lack of peace that comes in divorce, indebtedness, and over-scheduling. Kids feel the lack of peace that comes from not wanting to be in school, not wanting to be kind to classmates, and respectful to teachers. There isn’t peace in our workplaces. At times, there isn’t even peace in our churches.

Can we be stewards of something we don’t have? In a word, YES! We are called to be stewards of peace because we most certainly do have peace. While there isn’t an absence of hostility in so many sectors of our life, there is an absence of hostility in one very critical section: our life with God. God, in Christ, has reconciled the world to Himself. He has blessed us with a peace that passes all understanding. We are declared right with Him. Death no longer assaults us. God has given us peace in the forgiveness of sins and the new life that goes with it! And we are to be stewards of this peace. That means we are created and called to share this peace with others who seemingly go out of their way to wreck our peace.

How are we stewards of this peace? We give it freely. As we are forgiven in Christ, so we also forgive! And this isn’t limited to those who we may beg and grovel for it. We are called to be as radically generous with the forgiveness and peace that we offer as God is with us. Yes, that means you offer forgiveness to those who haven’t sought it or deserved it!

This doesn’t seem fair! But then again, God’s forgiveness of your sins isn’t fair either. It is grace. God has called you to be the same kind of peace to others as Jesus is to you. In stewarding this peace, you are spreading it around, just like the Lord wants! Give it freely. It will be a blessing to others and to you!


King of peace, You have authored peace with us in Your Son, our Savior Jesus Christ. Grant us Your grace that we be free and generous stewards of this peace with others. Grant that as they receive the peace You have given through us, they too might be at peace with You. Amen.

©2019 The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Used with permission.

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