God’s gift of life

Stewardship 2020

BibleIcon For one who has died has been set free from sin. — Romans 6:7

Here we go again, talking about death. Death can be so unsettling for those of us who want nothing more than to possess life. Death is so final. The one who dies tends to stay dead. Those who are dead can’t do anything. If stewardship is something we have been created and redeemed to do, what good is death?

But once again, our Lord, through His servant Paul, reminds us of the great stewardship of life that has been given to us in Jesus Christ. We are not called to free ourselves from death for stewardship. It is Christ’s death on the cross that sets us free. His death is far from being in vain. In fact, it is His death that gives us the greatest freedom: life!

Life is meant to be lived and lived to the fullest. However, because we were once in bondage to death, we have not been set free to do whatever we please. God has set us free from death in Christ for a purpose. The purpose, like the life we now live in Christ, comes from outside of us. Stewardship of the new life we have in Christ is never about us. It is always about the One who gives us life: Jesus.

All that we are and have then become a living, breathing, baptism-inspired billboard for the new life that comes to all those in Christ. How we live and how we give of ourselves is to be for the glory of Christ and for the sake of our neighbor. We give freely of ourselves because Jesus has given freely of His life for us. He gave that life so that we might know the love of God. We give so that others might experience that love which comes in Jesus.

We are free. Free from death. That means we are free to live. This free life is a steward life. We give all that we are and have for the sake and glory of the One who gave it all to make it possible. This is the new life we are called to live for Him!


Lord Jesus Christ, Your death set us free from death. Those free from death are given life. May that life flow out from us to others. Lead us to live and love as stewards of this gift of life in such a way that others would crave this grace as well. Use us as Your instruments in this new life. Amen.

©2019 The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod. Used with permission.

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