Devotional – Monday, August 10, 2020

A few weeks ago Rev. David talked about having the faith of a mustard seed, which immediately brought to mind, my grandparents. Marvin and Stella Phenix were my mother’s parents. They were long and faithful members of First Christian Church. They brought me to church with them each and every Sunday. They were my heroes. They have both been gone for over 20 years and just the very thought of them still makes my eyes fill with tears.

When I was around 10 years old, they gave me a necklace. At the end of the chain hung a clear round pendant with a tiny mustard seed inside. When I opened their gift, they explained the meaning behind it. I loved that necklace and wore it proudly!

My grandparents bought their home on Old Hammond Hwy. back in the ’50s. It had a huge back yard with plenty of beautiful trees. The large front yard was pretty bare, except for a small, skinny, pitiful looking oak tree. Being the oldest son at home, my Uncle Eddie (a future Disciples minister) had the job of mowing the lawn. I remember him telling the story of how he asked to just cut that little, sorry excuse of a tree down, since it didn’t give off any shade and it was a pain to mow around. His request always came with a definite, “No! In time and with loving care, it will grow and be beautiful.”

My grandparents saw that little tree through many a storm, droughts, and other problems. In time, and with tender loving care, just as they said, that little tree grew and grew until it became a majestic source of shade and beauty. It was my favorite tree in the whole world! We have taken many family pictures under that tree.

I think about that oak tree often. How beautiful it was, how with tender, loving care, it sunk its roots deep down into the earth and became a part of our family.

The mustard seed necklace and that tree were important examples of faith and love, set forth by my grandparents. I didn’t realize until years later the impact they would have on me.

Just as it took time for that pitiful little oak tree to grow and mature, so it takes time for us to grow and mature in God. Our Heavenly Father loves us, nurtures us and gives us an anchor in Him, to set our feet firmly on solid ground. Just like that tiny, skinny little tree, he loves us even when we’re unlovable. With time, love, and nurturing from our Heavenly Father, we too will become a mighty, unmovable force in God. We can withstand any storm that life brings our way.

Offered by Pam Comeaux

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