Devotional – Wednesday, June 17, 2020


What if markets crash? What about another pandemic? Will there be a social collapse? Is a catastrophic event of nature inevitable? Has World War III begun? If there is any hope for the future, what strategy do we pursue in today’s world of anxiety and woe?


Do you recall the story of Joseph storing grain during Egypt’s seven years of plenty? Each abundant year he bought all harvested grain and preserved the surplus in granaries built for the seven years of drought. His influence, power and authority, however, were not truly revealed until the time of need. It was only then that the starving world turned to Joseph for direction, provision and their salvation. I have loved that story since childhood and have revered Joseph as a model of economic wisdom. Yet, although I tried, never was I able to store up even seven months of provision, much less seven years. For the pandemic, my wife and I did purchase and store extra bread, oatmeal and rice, only to consume it within seven days! This is not, however, about shelf life, appetite and natural thinking. It is about Joseph hearing and having faith in God’s true word.

A Famine of HEARING 

One day, during a time when Israel was enjoying much prosperity, God spoke to Amos, the Old Testament prophet, and said this:

Behold the days are coming, declares the Lord God, When I will send a famine on the land, Not a famine of bread or a thirst for water, But a famine of hearing the words of the LORD.

How fortunate we are today to have access to God’s word. It is written and read aloud, freely preached from church pulpits, broadcast via all forms of technology, sung in many styles, shared in Bible study groups, studied in Christian courses and seminars, overheard in coffee shop conversations, on and on. God’s word is bountifully abundant in our nation and upon the earth. But are we, our family, and our neighbors hearing? Is a famine setting in? Has a deaf ear been turned to the truth of God’s word?  Jesus often spoke on hearing and having a hearing ear. Are we storing His grains of truth? We would be wise to listen. (Matthew 11:15, John 10:27-28). Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Romans 10:17). In these recent months I find myself with a greater appetite for hearing God’s Word. I want to hear more, read more, study and remember more of His truth. I sense a responsibility to gather and store much truth for the coming hour of need. That day may come soon when you and I alone are the granaries for those who are starving.

God’s Currency is FAITH

Jesus said, According to your faith be it unto you (Matt 9:29). We receive God’s promises and blessings by faith. It is the medium of exchange. To believe is to receive! The Truth of God’s Word, salvation, eternal life, blessings, promises, wisdom, healing, prosperity, and hope for all things are all available to us by faith. Faith is the currency of God’s Kingdom. Joseph believed God and moved forward in purchasing grain through FAITH.  He HEARD the words of the Lord, believed and received by FAITH the promise of provision. We can do the same. Mustard seed size faith is more than enough to begin.  Activate your investment plan now.

BUY the Truth and sell it not (HOLD) (Proverbs 23:23)

An investment strategy:

  • Use your faith (currency) to believe (purchase) Gods Truth (grain).
  • Listen and HEAR the Truth.  Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. (Rom.10: 17).  The more you hear, the greater your purchasing power.
  • Hold on to the Truth, especially when down or being tested.  Share God’s Word but never, ever divest.
  • Expect to be mightily used by God. 

Offered by Dak McInnis

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