Devotional – Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Establish routines in your life. Create routines that include prayer and reading the word. This will serve you well in times catastrophe or heartache.

Daniel was in the habit of praying regularly. He was disciplined in this. When the king ordered that no one should pray to other gods, Daniel knew what to do. He disregarded this and went right on with his routine. He wasn’t about to be detoured by an earthly king and lose sight of his God.
In these times of uncertainty when we are being pulled from our normal activities, learn from Daniel. Choose a time of day when you are still and come before God in prayer. Stick to it. No matter what hurts or what disappointments come your way, establish this routine and keep it. It will make such a difference in your life.

Although Daniel knew that the document had been signed, he continued to go to his house, which had windows in its upper room open toward Jerusalem, and to get down on his knees three times a day to pray to his God and praise him, just as he had done previously. – Daniel 6:10

Offered by Nancy Fatta

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