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Let’s be honest...explaining to others who we are as a church is not always an easy task.  With a name like “Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)”, you’ve said a mouthful, but you might find people looking at you like you haven’t clarified anything; or worse they may get the wrong impression.  I remember speaking with a woman about my church – upon hearing that we were part of the Christian Church (D.O.C.) she exclaimed, “that sounds like one of those ‘bible-thumping’ churches!  Are you one of those ‘bible-thumping’ churches?”  I explained that yes, we do believe in the Bible, but no, we probably are not the stereotypical ‘bible-thumping’ church that she is thinking more


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Mission Trips

Mission trips are one of the most tangible and active ways in which we show our commitment to outreach. When we take mission trips to places like Matamoros, Mexico, New Orleans, or Galveston, Texas, we go both to show our solidarity with the people affected by disasters, either natural or man made, and to walk with them on their journeys. FCCBRLA believes that by building relationships with people and listening to the stories of those who have suffered much and yet overcome their circumstances, we can catch a glimpse of the face of Christ who is already at work in these places.

While we do intend to offer our hands, and feet, and hearts to help in whatever way we can, we trust that God has already been at work in these places long before our arrival. Most of our missionaries will be happy to tell you that even though they went on one of these trips to build a house or repair a church, they found that they were the ones being changed deep on the inside.

Scroll to the very bottom to see a video about Westside Mission, one of the places we visit frequently on our mission trips.

We mostly use this to update about our trips while we are away. It's a great place to see photos and "hear" testimonies from the group!

Some of the trips we've taken:

Nashville, TN - Flood Recovery (June 2011)

Slidell, LA - Hurricane Katrina Recovery (June 2010)

New Orleans, Louisiana - Hurricane Katrina Recovery (April 2010)

Matamoros, Mexico - The Castita Project (Spring 2008)

Galveston, Texas - Hurricane Ike Recovery (Fall 2008 and Spring 2009)

New Orleans, Louisiana - Hurricane Katrina Recovery (Winter 2009)

Moore, Oklahoma - Tornado Recovery (Spring 2014)

Slidell, Louisiana - Northshore Recovery Project (Summer 2015)

Baton Rouge, Louisiana - Flood Recovery with Habitat for Humanity (Summer 2017)

Click on the links for more information on our Local Outreach and our Global Outreach