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Let’s be honest...explaining to others who we are as a church is not always an easy task.  With a name like “Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)”, you’ve said a mouthful, but you might find people looking at you like you haven’t clarified anything; or worse they may get the wrong impression.  I remember speaking with a woman about my church – upon hearing that we were part of the Christian Church (D.O.C.) she exclaimed, “that sounds like one of those ‘bible-thumping’ churches!  Are you one of those ‘bible-thumping’ churches?”  I explained that yes, we do believe in the Bible, but no, we probably are not the stereotypical ‘bible-thumping’ church that she is thinking more


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About FCC Baton Rouge

Thanks for checking out our website--we hope to meet you face to face soon.  If you are looking for a church to begin attending, we want you to know that our doors and hearts are open to you.  We affectionately refer to ourselves as FCCBRLA.  We are a member congregation of The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), and belong to The Great River Region of the Christian Church (DOC).  We are unique locally in that we are the only Disciples congregation in the Baton Rouge area, though you will find other sister congregations scattered throughout southern Louisiana and across North America and Canada.

We value youth and chidlren; we support families of all arrangements; we believe in reaching out and connecting with the wider community and we are committed to growing together spiritually.  Our minds are open to what you bring and how you encounter God's presence in your life.  We are proud of our congregation, where we have come from, and we also strive to push our congregation to be as faithful as possible, growing with one another in Christ and in our relationships with God.

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