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01.16 - Bible Study

1:30pm - Youth Building



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Let’s be honest...explaining to others who we are as a church is not always an easy task.  With a name like “Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)”, you’ve said a mouthful, but you might find people looking at you like you haven’t clarified anything; or worse they may get the wrong impression.  I remember speaking with a woman about my church – upon hearing that we were part of the Christian Church (D.O.C.) she exclaimed, “that sounds like one of those ‘bible-thumping’ churches!  Are you one of those ‘bible-thumping’ churches?”  I explained that yes, we do believe in the Bible, but no, we probably are not the stereotypical ‘bible-thumping’ church that she is thinking more


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We hope you experience a "standing invitation" to be a part of church family.  More specifically you can contact us by clicking here, and one of our ministers will be in touch with you shortly!

If you are interested in one of our specific ministries please click on those specific web-pages to see how you can get involved.

You can also come by the church - 8484 Old Hammond Highway, Baton Rouge, LA 70809 - or call the church office 225-926-4175 with questions.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our congregation, we invite you to speak with one of the ministers.  We also offer an invitation to discipleship EVERY time we worship.  We invite you to come forward during this time to make a commitment to this congregation in one of three ways: 1)  transferring your membership from another congregation, 2) confessing faith in Jesus Christ for the first time and joining with our congregation to live out that life of faith, or 3) re-committing yourself to a life of faith, and to this congregation after making that promise long ago. 

Overall, we hope ALL God's children feel welcome at First Christian Church!

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